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Rise and Shine-Big K.R.I.T.

Well this track is from 2011 XXL freshman Brig KRIT. Being a member of this years freshman class is no small achievement and KRIT is among the likes of Mac Miller, Yelawolf and other promising up and comers. This track has got a real chill beat and a haunting soulful vocal sample. In addition the lyrics have a real message “if life is dream why sleep at all?”. A chill beat for hangin out or rolling around at night.


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The Perceptionists- Love Letters

With a solid cast, these rappers who hail from Boston have a slick sound and some sly rhymes. This song has a tight beat and the lyricism exhibited is top class. Although The Perceptionists do not make music anymore, its component parts are still pumping out good Hip-Hop. Check it out.

Download Love Letters

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Heavy Dubstep

Continuing with the variety today heres some grimy step for your listening pleasure. I haven’t really heard any dubstep tracks that got me excited in awhile, but these two songs turned my attention back to the genre. So Good by Hirshee and Tonye Aganaba has a higher BPM than most dubstep, but  a nice bass, solid vocal sample and nice keyboard interludes give a well rounded banger. Touch O Klass by FS is a little heavier, but avoids the mindless chuggin that a dubstep song can develop into. FS varies the beat much like a house dj, giving a banger that doesn’t get old after the 1st drop.



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Sick House Syndrome

Well seeing as a balanced diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle its time to mix it up a little. Here three house bangers to bump two of them are fresh outta ULTRA in Miami. Afrojack’s Doing it Right is absolutely massive. Solid bass, nice string sections and masterful drops, over all Afrojack just killed this. Tiesto and Marcel Woods’ Don’t Ditch is another ULTRA gem. That classic Tiesto sound with Marcel bringing some nice variety, absolute banger! The las track is a chill remix of Monarchy’s I Won’t Let Go by the Bag Raiders. Kinda got a 90’s dance feel to it. A better song for just chilling out.




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Rolling Papers-Wiz Khalifa


1. When I’m Gone

2. On My Level (Feat. Too $Hort)

3. Black And Yellow

4. Roll Up

5. Hopes & Dreams

6. Wake Up

7. The Race

8. Star Of The Show (Feat. Chevy Woods)

9. No Sleep

10. Get Your S**T

11. Top Floor

12. Fly Solo

13. Rooftops (Feat. Curren$Y)

14. Cameras

Ok so this official dropped yesterday and has been leaked for few days as well but i wanted to listen to the whole thing before i posted. I definitely enjoyed this and I am sure that most Wiz Fans will to. Although some tracks are a little to pop for my tastes I still have some favorites: Hopes and Dreams, When I’m Gone and Rooftops. The main thing with this album is that a lot of these tracks have either been released as singles or have been floating around the net as leaks.

“Slow money just as bad as gettin’ no money”




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A Look At My Life-Party Arty

So this is a sick track from the late MC Party Arty. A slow heavy beat with a nice soul vocal sample. The lyrics to this song a real raw. True rap story telling and dope lyricism. peep it!

DOWNLOAD A Look At My Life

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Little Brother- The Becoming

Straight out of North Carolina Little Brother is a group that brings a feel good attitude to rap and their music has a fun sound. This track is classicly rapped and deserves a second listen. Little Brother has tons of other dope stuff and should not be overlooked. Check em out.

Download The Becoming

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