Spring Break Sampler

Winter is over. Nice. Alright peeps, we just got out on spring break fittin to chill hard for the rest of the year. For those of you heading somewhere warm and breezy here is a little spring break sampler so you can take BeatsFromTheBarn with you wherever you go! So here are some nice songs to chill to, jam to, or indulge in. Some dope tunes all around but pay special attention to Step To by Evil Ebenezer, a canadian rapper introduced to me by my homie chaz, and Powers that Be by Hieroglyphics. A great rap song, from a talented group, that just gets ridiculous at 2:28. Also throwing in a little CunninLynguists, some PUTS and some DL Incognito, respectively. Ch-ch-check it ooouutttttttt. Peace.

Download Step To

Download Powers that Be

Download Yellow Lines

Download People Riddum

Download Keep it Movin’

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