KnowMads are a underground rap group from Seattle Washington consisting of Tom Wilson and Tom Pepe.  KnowMads have a passion for real hip hop. The two MCs complement each other’s style, Wilson’s hard hitting punch lines and intricate rhyme schemes with Pepe’s flows and prolific thoughts give the group a true Northwest feel. In their own words,”We call ourselves KnowMads because we wander our planet and society in search of intelligent life. In search of those few people who make the world spin and your heart beat. But were just doing what we love, when our lights burn out we’ll leave behind our music. When the bombs start dropping and the kids start praying, we will be up on the rooftop, freestyling and beatboxing till the world goes down…It’s all love”

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2 responses to “Saturdayzed-KnowMads

  1. I saw an awesome Knowmads show at the Vera Project, they sold the venue out and had great audience participation, all in all an amazing show! I blogged about it here:

  2. Further cool Knowmads stuff: I got an awesome video of Knowmads performing “What We Do To Survive” at the Vera Project Japan Relief show on 4/30 from the Vera videographer here, or better still if you have a fat internet pipe use the high def one: – it’s an instant classic!

    They were also nice enough to give me an interview (helps being a Seattle local!) which I posted here:, I think you’re exactly right about their super conscious truthful approach. Nice concise overview, and even better – a couple songs and a free download! Thanks, I’ll link back to this site from my interview post.

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