Rolling Papers-Wiz Khalifa


1. When I’m Gone

2. On My Level (Feat. Too $Hort)

3. Black And Yellow

4. Roll Up

5. Hopes & Dreams

6. Wake Up

7. The Race

8. Star Of The Show (Feat. Chevy Woods)

9. No Sleep

10. Get Your S**T

11. Top Floor

12. Fly Solo

13. Rooftops (Feat. Curren$Y)

14. Cameras

Ok so this official dropped yesterday and has been leaked for few days as well but i wanted to listen to the whole thing before i posted. I definitely enjoyed this and I am sure that most Wiz Fans will to. Although some tracks are a little to pop for my tastes I still have some favorites: Hopes and Dreams, When I’m Gone and Rooftops. The main thing with this album is that a lot of these tracks have either been released as singles or have been floating around the net as leaks.

“Slow money just as bad as gettin’ no money”




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