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Nasty- Nas

Single of Nas’ new album. Need I say more? Check it out

Download Nasty

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First Person- Cyne

Cyne or “Cultivating Your New Experience” are a hip-hop group from Florida composed of Cise Star, Akin, Speak, and Enoch, who used to produced with the legendary Nujabes. This track has a sample from the movie Belly, starring Nas and DMX, and  CunninLynguists’ Remember Me (Abstract/ Reality) which has a sick marimba/ xylophone melody. Check both of em out.

Download First Person

Download Remember Me (Abstract/ Reality)

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Together/ Apart- Grieves & Budo

So yesterday Grieves released his new album, Together/ Apart, with DJ/ Producer Budo. This record is absolutely unreal and demonstrates Grieves’ lyrical talents as well as the talents of DJ Budo. Grieves is apart of the label Rhymesayers entertainment which includes Atmosphere, Brother Ali, and MF Doom. Needless to say the Rhymesayers lab produces some seriously dope artists and Grieves is no exception. One thing I notice in particular about him is he raps about shit he knows and his mellow, bluesy sound is very unique. You can buy the full album on iTunes now, but in the meantime here are some of my favorites to give you a taste for the sound. Definitely check it out.

Download Speak Easy

Download Sunny Side of Hell

Download Bloody Poetry

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Governors Ball Recap

So while i have been slacking off big time my boy vince has been posting dope tracks non-stop so its time for me to carry some of the weight again. Last Saturday was the Governors Ball Music Festival in NYC as some of you may have known from my preview post. Well needless to say the festival was some next level shit. Mac Miller was on point with great energy and a really solid show.

mac miller live

Following Mac Miller was People Under The Stairs. Those guys are incredible live. Joking around with the crowd, freestyling, pouring beer on themselves, it was obvious they were having a great time.

governors ball people under the stairs

heres a video i took of them performing acid raindrops

After people under the stairs was Big Boi. I’m not that familiar with much of his music but his live show was super dope. Props to his drummer who is filthy by the way. If you look carefully Mac Miller is in the background enjoying the show.

Big Boi governors ball music festival

After Big Boi was Girl Talk who was awesome but i unfortunately did not get any good photos of. Plus we left early to get real close for pretty lights. The final act of the festival was Pretty Lights, which was absolutely incredible. Using the same sick light show he had premiered at Bonnaroo he dropped a nice mix of new tracks and old standbys. It was clear that he was super pumped to perform and the crowd was definitely feeling his set even after a long day of partying and other acts.

governors ball

Heres a video I took of him dropping his new single, a remix of Radiohead, NIN, and Nirvana

Another of his remix of Pink Floyd’s time

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Push up Ya Lighter- The Roots

Here is another ill cut from one of the most consistently dope rap groups of the last decade, The Roots. With Black Thought leading on the mic and ?uestlove straight rippin the beat, these guys cannot be stopped. This song has a particularly nice sound and some cool raps. Check it out and push it up.

Download Push up Ya Lighter

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Final Call (ft. Willie Eames and Bianca Spriggs)- Deacon the Villian & Shiesty Khrist

So Deacon the Villian (of CunninLynguists) and Sheisty Khrist recently released their new collaboration album- Niggaz with Latitude, which you can download now on iTunes. Needless to say this record is absolutely filthy. And I must say that in a era of music where there is so much watered down, hyped-up, pop bullshit, it really gives me faith to see another truly amazing rap album come out of the south. The lyrics that these guys come up with continually amaze me and their talent to make good music is really special. This is one track of the album called Final Call and Sheisty and Deac straight kill it. If you dig CunninLynguists, or anything from QN5, check it out and I promise you will not regret it. If you couldn’t already tell, I really like this one.

Download Final Call (ft. Willie Eames and Bianca Spriggs)

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Jailbait- Cadalak Ron

Straight from the fresh coast, Cadalak Ron is a member of Blunt Boogie Records, the label that includes Mista Melo and Brothaz Bent. All three of those guys can kill it and Ron is no exception. Jailbait is a great rap track with a hilarious sample at the end. I know you have never heard of this guy before so give him a listen. Check it out.

Download Jailbait

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