Exhibit A (Transformations) – Jay Electronica

As a member of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, you would think Jay Electronica would have that signature Roc-a-Fella sound. Otherwise known as loud horns, a lot of sampling “fillers”, and some loud UHs and OHs in between his raps. However, Jay has proven my assumptions incorrect as this song has intelligent rhyming and some nice quality samples. Also, the album art of his record is a photograph of Nikola Tesla in his lab with one of the first ever Arc Lamps. This is both intriguing and symbolic, and by doing so Jay is making a statement about his music by picturing Tesla, who was one of the world’s first true innovators. If that hasn’t caught your attention then just listen to the track and check the Jay Elec.

Download Exhibit A (Transformations)


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