Word the Villain

So back in New Orleans this spring on a lazy Saturday afternoon, I was sitting, chilling, pondering life, when my boy Wyatt walks in and asks if I have heard the song Southernunderground by Cunninlynguists. Being the Hip-Hop head I am, of course I have heard the song. He then asks me to throw on the instrumental saying he has a little something to spit over it, I comply, and then he RIPS off slick, intelligent, and straight dope nasty line after line. Needless to say I was shocked and after that moment I have pestered him relentlessly to record the remixed track. After waiting nearly all summer, the track has finally been recorded, delivered to me and now I will be delivering it to you, the people.

Once again, this is a rough cut of a remix of Southernunderground, spit by my very talented homie Wyatt aka…Word the Villain. Listen to the track and you won’t need me to tell you to watch this kid, and watch closely. Can’t stop the groovement!

Download Southernunderground remix

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