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Climate Change

We used to live in a time where the great thinkers, explorers and scientists of the world had a strong voice in the destiny of our planet. Under one hundred years ago, during an age of World Wars and technological progression countries financed and supported the exploration missions of their citizens who were set on discovering, researching and reporting on parts of the world that were unknown. Through those expeditions, the great household names of some of the most iconic heroes and leaders in the twentieth century were born. Names such as Shackleton, Scott and Franklin. These men were highly educated, highly rewarded citizens of their nations who were patriots for both their domestic and international communities. They were brave enough to put their lives on the line, suffer some of the most heinous deaths recorded in history as a means of providing the world information on what lies beyond the maps edges. What happens now in Congress disrespects their legacy.

We used to live in a time where we listened to the experts. It is unbelievable to me that the same parts of the world we so craved to hear of are now neglected. We distrust our scientists and allow major corporations to bully our elected officials into a brainwashed state of negligence. Go ahead and watch some of our own members of congress attempt to provide information that we are not harming our planet. How can we sit and listen to uninformed, partisan men and women in Washington dismiss scientific fact? If Shackleton walked into the British Parliament everyone shut up and listened.

Let the experts speak and the politicians do what they tell them. We seem to listen only to the experts that tell us what we want to hear. Its about time we had the strength as a country and as a people to end this cataclysmic cycle of climate change that we are engaging in. It is an issue where if we do not act and continue to fudge facts and listen to people who have no idea what they are talking about, we disrespect not only the great thinkers of history but our children and grandchildren. I care about humanities legacy on earth and not about how big your office is (insert CEO’s name here).

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