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enecS eht no kcaB- One.Be.Lo

One.Be.Lo also known as OneManArmy from Binary Star has a sick style and his samples are fresh. Growing up in Pontiac, Michigan, getting attention was hard. So, in 1995 One.Be.Lo created his own rap label, and starting generating hits. This track demonstrates his ability to rip a verse with a mellow and calm tone. A good song for the summer. Check it out.

Download enecS eht no kcaB

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Binary Star

While not at all a “new” group in the underground rap scene, very few know of the crisp, clean, and creative rapping of Binary Star. First introduced to me in 2008 by my homie Dubs, I thought Binary Star had a cool sound and a relaxing feeling in their raps. So here are two of my favorite tracks, both off of their album Masters of the Universe, Reality Check and Slang Blade. The first has a nice beat, a cool sample and two sick raps. Slang Blade has a bit faster pace but flows very well nonetheless-

“Now which bastard wants some acid

Corrosive chemicals casted

Spitting venom I mastered

Ran with dogs as rabid and rivers as rapid”


Download Reality Check

Download Slang Blade

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