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First Person- Cyne

Cyne or “Cultivating Your New Experience” are a hip-hop group from Florida composed of Cise Star, Akin, Speak, and Enoch, who used to produced with the legendary Nujabes. This track has a sample from the movie Belly, starring Nas and DMX, and  CunninLynguists’ Remember Me (Abstract/ Reality) which has a sick marimba/ xylophone melody. Check both of em out.

Download First Person

Download Remember Me (Abstract/ Reality)

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CunninLynguists- Oneirology

Over the past 6 years, the boys of CunninLynguists have been pumping out great album after great album. Starting with Piece of Strange in 2005 and now continuing on through Oneirology in 2011, CunninLynguists have solidified their stature as lyrical giants in the world of Hip-Hop. Oneirology is the scientific study of dreams and the correlation between daily brain activity, and dreamstate brain activity. Many of the tracks on this album, as expected, have a dreamy, airy feel to them. Others, however, have more of a minor, diminished feel which compliment the other tracks superbly. Unfortunately the entire album is NOT available for free download but you can buy it from the CunninLynguist bandcamp: here (and name your own price!). I will give you one of my favorite tracks off the album, Embers which should help you get a feel for the album, and another single CunninLynguists made with Freddie Gibbs. Gibbs, who is sponsored by LRG, is a hardcore rapper whose lines are always fresh and on point. Check it out.

Download Embers

Download Hard as They Come (feat. Freddie Gibbs)

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CunninLyguists- The Park (Fresh Air)

Well in Houston spring is officially here and its a great sunny day outside. For those of you in warm places, check out this track. It has a light airy hook and some tongue-in-cheek raps from Natti, Deacon the demon, and KNO of CunninLynguists, whom are some of the best. Good song for the spring.

Download The Park (Fresh Air)

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Spring Break Sampler

Winter is over. Nice. Alright peeps, we just got out on spring break fittin to chill hard for the rest of the year. For those of you heading somewhere warm and breezy here is a little spring break sampler so you can take BeatsFromTheBarn with you wherever you go! So here are some nice songs to chill to, jam to, or indulge in. Some dope tunes all around but pay special attention to Step To by Evil Ebenezer, a canadian rapper introduced to me by my homie chaz, and Powers that Be by Hieroglyphics. A great rap song, from a talented group, that just gets ridiculous at 2:28. Also throwing in a little CunninLynguists, some PUTS and some DL Incognito, respectively. Ch-ch-check it ooouutttttttt. Peace.

Download Step To

Download Powers that Be

Download Yellow Lines

Download People Riddum

Download Keep it Movin’

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