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R3hab-The Bottle Song

house music electro dj

Heres a new electro house track thats an absolute banger. A real frantic beat with some dope synthy bridges and a fast edgy rhythm. Definitely something to rage to this weekend. R3hab has done a fantastic job with this track.

DOWNLOAD R3hab-The Bottle Song

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Heart is King-Axwell

Axwell DJ

So this is Axwell’s first single in 2 years and is safe to say its a banger. This has the possibility of being one of the biggest songs of the year. check it!



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Rolling Papers-Wiz Khalifa


1. When I’m Gone

2. On My Level (Feat. Too $Hort)

3. Black And Yellow

4. Roll Up

5. Hopes & Dreams

6. Wake Up

7. The Race

8. Star Of The Show (Feat. Chevy Woods)

9. No Sleep

10. Get Your S**T

11. Top Floor

12. Fly Solo

13. Rooftops (Feat. Curren$Y)

14. Cameras

Ok so this official dropped yesterday and has been leaked for few days as well but i wanted to listen to the whole thing before i posted. I definitely enjoyed this and I am sure that most Wiz Fans will to. Although some tracks are a little to pop for my tastes I still have some favorites: Hopes and Dreams, When I’m Gone and Rooftops. The main thing with this album is that a lot of these tracks have either been released as singles or have been floating around the net as leaks.

“Slow money just as bad as gettin’ no money”




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Yeah so we at Beats From The Barn have been slacking a little, so what cut us a fucking break were on spring break. Plus i know there’s only 25 of you who read this thing anyway. Regardless to keep our loyal readers satiated heres the new Mac Miller mixtape Best Day Ever. Yeah its been out a couple of days, but maybe like us you’ve been relaxing away from the blackhole that is the internet. Ok enough of this freaking prattle heres the tape.

By the way I’m really diggin this new mixtape. The production is on point, laid back easy going definately diggin Mac’s choices of producers. I dig the vast majority of the tracks and Mac Miller hasn’t been slacking (unlike us) on his rapping and lyricism. History has shown us that its hard for white rappers to maintain their hype and avoid selling out and obscurity (Asher Roth, Sammy Adams, Mike Posner) but so far Mac has been heading in the right direction in my opinion. Get the Mixtaper at DatPiff.


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