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Flosstradamus is the duo of two Chicago DJ’s/Producers J2K (Josh Young) and Autobot (Curt Cameruci) and these guys absolutely kill it. They incorporate elements of Hip-Hop, dubstep, electronic into some serious tunes. Some call it trapstep, but I think it is harder to classify. I’m going to post a few of my personal favorite Flosstradamus tunes for you to enjoy.

Original Don-Major Lazer (Flosstradamus Remix)

This is and absolute banger. Make sure you play it on some nice speakers or headphones for full effect.

This song combines rap lyrics, gentle vocals and sweeping synths for a truly chill track

This song is just absolutely ridiculous. Combine Lil Jon, Kernkraft 400 and Sandstorm and this is one rowdy fucking song.

Finally Total Recall has got hip-hop influences, great sampling and a progressive beat. Make sure you listen to this on good speakers or headphones to really appreciate the depth to this song.

Download Total Recall-Flosstradamus




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Cake- MILAbeats

Brand spankin’ new MILAbeats shits hot like lava when the musical volcano erupts. But seriously this is a bangin’ party track crafted by some real guys who work a considerable amount on their music on top of classes so I have to tip my hat. Also…this track is a mutha fuckin’ atom bomb that’s gonna bring in the new year with a bang. Check it out before you hear about it from your friends.

Download Cake

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Certified (Extended Preview)- MiLAbeats

MiLAbeats consists of two artists, DJ Kyle Parker and Clyde Nikolai, based out of New Orleans, LA  and attend Tulane University. Originally from Miami, FL and Los Angeles, CA. Tulane brought both music enthusiasts together which spawned the creation of MiLAbeats; a producer/dj duo who would have the range to produce/dj anything from House/Tech House/Progressive to Hip-Hop and even Two-Step. This track is new and is perfect for a chillin session with the homies. Throw it on and feel the flow. I go to school with these guys and they are both talented producers and gangsters. Check em out for real on their soundcloud to listen/ download other tracks- MiLAbeats soundcloud.

Download Certified (Extended Preview)


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Governors Ball Recap

So while i have been slacking off big time my boy vince has been posting dope tracks non-stop so its time for me to carry some of the weight again. Last Saturday was the Governors Ball Music Festival in NYC as some of you may have known from my preview post. Well needless to say the festival was some next level shit. Mac Miller was on point with great energy and a really solid show.

mac miller live

Following Mac Miller was People Under The Stairs. Those guys are incredible live. Joking around with the crowd, freestyling, pouring beer on themselves, it was obvious they were having a great time.

governors ball people under the stairs

heres a video i took of them performing acid raindrops

After people under the stairs was Big Boi. I’m not that familiar with much of his music but his live show was super dope. Props to his drummer who is filthy by the way. If you look carefully Mac Miller is in the background enjoying the show.

Big Boi governors ball music festival

After Big Boi was Girl Talk who was awesome but i unfortunately did not get any good photos of. Plus we left early to get real close for pretty lights. The final act of the festival was Pretty Lights, which was absolutely incredible. Using the same sick light show he had premiered at Bonnaroo he dropped a nice mix of new tracks and old standbys. It was clear that he was super pumped to perform and the crowd was definitely feeling his set even after a long day of partying and other acts.

governors ball

Heres a video I took of him dropping his new single, a remix of Radiohead, NIN, and Nirvana

Another of his remix of Pink Floyd’s time

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R3hab-The Bottle Song

house music electro dj

Heres a new electro house track thats an absolute banger. A real frantic beat with some dope synthy bridges and a fast edgy rhythm. Definitely something to rage to this weekend. R3hab has done a fantastic job with this track.

DOWNLOAD R3hab-The Bottle Song

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Cry (Just A Little)-Bingo Players

Heres a real laid back house song for you to vibe to this weekend. This is a set rip and this song will be released April 19th so get excited.

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Sick House Syndrome

Well seeing as a balanced diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle its time to mix it up a little. Here three house bangers to bump two of them are fresh outta ULTRA in Miami. Afrojack’s Doing it Right is absolutely massive. Solid bass, nice string sections and masterful drops, over all Afrojack just killed this. Tiesto and Marcel Woods’ Don’t Ditch is another ULTRA gem. That classic Tiesto sound with Marcel bringing some nice variety, absolute banger! The las track is a chill remix of Monarchy’s I Won’t Let Go by the Bag Raiders. Kinda got a 90’s dance feel to it. A better song for just chilling out.




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