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Pmac- One

A very young kid (18 years old) Pmac is an asian american MC from Los Angeles with a west coast style and sound. His flow is pretty nice for a youngin and his lyrics show his passion for music and rhyming. Having just released his first mixtape, Pmac is trying to make a statement about who he is in the Hip-Hop game, and with One, he does. You can download the whole mixtape, First Impression, here. Now for the reason this post exists: With a Three Dog Knight sample, One has a great beat and Pmac does a good job of layin his mind out on it. Check it out.

Download One

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Rebels to the Grain- Harvest Season

Rebels to the Grain caught my eye with their intelligent rhymes and crisp style of rapping. This group from L.A. has an original sound and skill with their words. Their first album, There is Something in the Seeds, set them up for a tremendous second album with Harvest Season. All of these tracks are dope and there is more where they came from. Check em out.

Download Harvest Season

Download Genuine Article

Download Phat Peace

Download Whatever You Do

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