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Ambien Hallway Music (PL70 Exclusive)- People Under the Stair

This is an exclusive track from Piecelock 70 music group on the new People Under the Stairs album, Highlighter. If you know these guys then thats all I need to say and if you don’t then where have you been and check em out asap. Funky slow jam from Double k and Thes one made in Dorado, CA on all sorts of drugs. Give it a listen.

Download Ambien Hallway Music


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People Under the Stairs- Highlighter Preview

Coming on September 23rd is PUTS’ 8th studio album, Highligher. Seeing as the past 7 have been excellent and classic Hip-Hop creations I expect nothing less from the new record. Released via their Twitter, here is a video preview for the album.

You can also follow Piecelock 70 on twitter (the group’s music group) to get updates and previews of the P.

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Governors Ball Recap

So while i have been slacking off big time my boy vince has been posting dope tracks non-stop so its time for me to carry some of the weight again. Last Saturday was the Governors Ball Music Festival in NYC as some of you may have known from my preview post. Well needless to say the festival was some next level shit. Mac Miller was on point with great energy and a really solid show.

mac miller live

Following Mac Miller was People Under The Stairs. Those guys are incredible live. Joking around with the crowd, freestyling, pouring beer on themselves, it was obvious they were having a great time.

governors ball people under the stairs

heres a video i took of them performing acid raindrops

After people under the stairs was Big Boi. I’m not that familiar with much of his music but his live show was super dope. Props to his drummer who is filthy by the way. If you look carefully Mac Miller is in the background enjoying the show.

Big Boi governors ball music festival

After Big Boi was Girl Talk who was awesome but i unfortunately did not get any good photos of. Plus we left early to get real close for pretty lights. The final act of the festival was Pretty Lights, which was absolutely incredible. Using the same sick light show he had premiered at Bonnaroo he dropped a nice mix of new tracks and old standbys. It was clear that he was super pumped to perform and the crowd was definitely feeling his set even after a long day of partying and other acts.

governors ball

Heres a video I took of him dropping his new single, a remix of Radiohead, NIN, and Nirvana

Another of his remix of Pink Floyd’s time

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The Break Down- People Under the Stairs

Well it turns out I can post from Thailand, so here is an absolutely dope song. Super chill, funky beat with some cooled out raps from the big dub k and thes one. Check it.


Download The Break Down

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Spring Break Sampler

Winter is over. Nice. Alright peeps, we just got out on spring break fittin to chill hard for the rest of the year. For those of you heading somewhere warm and breezy here is a little spring break sampler so you can take BeatsFromTheBarn with you wherever you go! So here are some nice songs to chill to, jam to, or indulge in. Some dope tunes all around but pay special attention to Step To by Evil Ebenezer, a canadian rapper introduced to me by my homie chaz, and Powers that Be by Hieroglyphics. A great rap song, from a talented group, that just gets ridiculous at 2:28. Also throwing in a little CunninLynguists, some PUTS and some DL Incognito, respectively. Ch-ch-check it ooouutttttttt. Peace.

Download Step To

Download Powers that Be

Download Yellow Lines

Download People Riddum

Download Keep it Movin’

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Youth Explosion-People Under The Stairs

People Under The Stairs are an underground rap group from LA that have a real unique sound. When producing they sample old records, which gives their music a funky, jazzy feel. On top of this People Under the Stairs are very skilled lyricists and rhymers that often have a laid back humor in their songs. While there are very few songs by PUTS that i don’t like this one is especially sick and should give you a feel for their sound in general.

Download Youth Explosion

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