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All of the Lights Remix- Pretty Lights

Last year Pretty Lights did a remix of a bunch of popular songs and put them on his website without annoucement, thus “unreleased”. This one is particularly nice and after hearing him at Lollapalooza this year I decided any fan of good music needs a heavy saturation of Pretty Lights. The original Kanye West track already has a bit of an electro accent to the Hip-Hop base, and with this remix PL takes it to a whole other level. Listen to the tracks back-to-back and you will hear the true genius in this remix. I say, I say, Ch-check it outtttt.

Download All of the Lights Remix

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Governors Ball Recap

So while i have been slacking off big time my boy vince has been posting dope tracks non-stop so its time for me to carry some of the weight again. Last Saturday was the Governors Ball Music Festival in NYC as some of you may have known from my preview post. Well needless to say the festival was some next level shit. Mac Miller was on point with great energy and a really solid show.

mac miller live

Following Mac Miller was People Under The Stairs. Those guys are incredible live. Joking around with the crowd, freestyling, pouring beer on themselves, it was obvious they were having a great time.

governors ball people under the stairs

heres a video i took of them performing acid raindrops

After people under the stairs was Big Boi. I’m not that familiar with much of his music but his live show was super dope. Props to his drummer who is filthy by the way. If you look carefully Mac Miller is in the background enjoying the show.

Big Boi governors ball music festival

After Big Boi was Girl Talk who was awesome but i unfortunately did not get any good photos of. Plus we left early to get real close for pretty lights. The final act of the festival was Pretty Lights, which was absolutely incredible. Using the same sick light show he had premiered at Bonnaroo he dropped a nice mix of new tracks and old standbys. It was clear that he was super pumped to perform and the crowd was definitely feeling his set even after a long day of partying and other acts.

governors ball

Heres a video I took of him dropping his new single, a remix of Radiohead, NIN, and Nirvana

Another of his remix of Pink Floyd’s time

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Pretty Lights Music Record Label

Pretty Lights has launched a record label and is debuting with three new albums on their website. Personally I feel pretty lights is one of the more original and creative groups in the electro hip-hop game today and I’m sure these new albums are dope. Once I get a chance to listen to them in their entirety I’ll post reviews. In the meantime these albums can be downloaded from the Pretty Lights site for free so check out the link below.

Pretty Lights Music

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Pretty Lights-Making Up A Changing Mind

Pretty Lights is the brain child of Derek Vincent Smith and Cory Eberhard, both from Colorado. I have been a fan of Pretty Lights since first discovering their music in a Teton Gravity Research ski movie. Musically Pretty Lights combines a mix of glitchy hip-hop beats, buzzing synth lines,elements of dubstep  and vintage funk and soul samples. The resulting music manages to be as moving as it is rowdy. Making Up a Changing Mind is the pairs latest EP and the first in a trilogy to be released over the course of 2010.

Download Making Up a Changing Mind from Pretty Lights official website HERE

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